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The Seventeenth Dictum of Piety.

It is stated by the "Ordinator Edict: Mandate Seven" that the outsiders wearing the holy Ordinator's Mask of Devotion and Robes of Triune Faith violate the Seventeenth Dictum of Piety. According to the Mandate any member of the Dunmer laity who wears the Regalia shall be subject to swift and merciless sanction, while the others are to be killed on sight - such is the price of blasphemy.

So why wearing the Regalia does not make the members of the Order persecute a mummer heretic the way they did it.. well, the way they will do it at the end of the Third Era? Say it more - many battleground gladiators (even those khajiit, argonian and redguard ones) wear it and a certain altmer outlander just sells the Regalia motifs to everyone for AP right in the vicinity of High Fane and Vivec's Palace and has still been alive instead of being burnt in the Pyres of Purification. It's not about role playing or any other fantasies one might fill his thoughts with on his in-game alter ego - it's just about the lore and the facts.

Yes, I'm the one of the Hands of Almalexia (as she named me at the end of the "Seal of Three" quest), thus being an Ordinator I'm authorized to freely wear the same Regalia other Ordinators do on the basis of "A Guide to Liturgical Vestments" Temple directives - to become a "faultless hand of the Three" authorized "to commit any martial action deemed necessary to protect the True Faith". But I guess no persecution is performed by the Order against a gladiator npc and those pc who have not completed the quest yet but do wear the Mask and the Robe. Am I supposed to do justice upon all those imposters personally and alone while the rest of the Order members appear to be ignorant of what's happening? Then how to do that? By means of accepted duels and attacks on npc? Well.. Could those "imposters" be somehow authorized to wear the Regalia? I've found no documents or any oral witness of a proper npc on that. If any of them exist, please, share. If not - I hope ZOS Lore Team makes that "Seventeenth Dictum of Piety" public. I give thanks to them - they have already done a great job giving us all those new in-game notes to make the matter clear. If only one more book could be written to complete this puzzle!

Victory for the Three!
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