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Didn't earn event tickets (glitch?)

PS4 EU @bzplayer3

This morning, with only 1/12 event tickets in my inventory, I busted out my 2019 Anniversary cake and had a big ol' bite, but... Did not receive my 2 event tickets!

I ran around, killed a few things, waited until it had been 24 hours since my last ticket, then tried again. Still no tickets!

This has put a spanner in the works concerning my ability to collect enough berries. Why have I not received the two tickets? I have been doing this daily routine ever since the celebrations started, but this is the first time that I have not been granted event tickets.

Can anyone help? :'(
Professional S'wit
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Did you eat the cake after 8:00 CEST? Because the event day resets at 08:00 and you posted here at 08:06.
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    PC EU.

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  • montyake
    I realise that I'd been redeeming the cake at around 7:00 BST every day of the festival, not conscious of the restart time. This morning I jumped on a quarter hour early, which might explain it - I will try again after work this evening.
    Thank you for your help.
    Professional S'wit
  • sudaki_eso
    Try a toon
    PS4 EU - StamDK
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