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Relatively New Mac UI Annoyances

1. 32 bit. The launcher is still in 32 bit, and Mac doesn't like it.
2. Due to 32 bit, and due to black magic happening between the launcher and the game app, the game app can't close properly on quit. Thus, I have to force close it every time. There are 3 solutions here: a) stop black magic and b) make it 64 bit, and c) both, please!
3. Missing "Save Password": I am single and my PC is password protected and I do not let anybody else play. And I am fed up to have to use a launcher to launch the launcher with my password ready to paste. Every tool which uses passwords allows to save them, please do it, "just do it"!
4. Match maker delirium: have you ever played Tetris? Did you know that the Tetris game is a game of perfect matches? It is a pretty darn simple mechanism and and just some simple additions to make matches happen. So if dating sites can get close to perfect matches for millions of records in a fraction of a second, why can't you? Play Tetris!
5. The battle playgrounds have stopped to work.
6. The Craglorn group dungeons are not played any more and people like me who would like to, can't win them all alone. Please make them 1 player dungeons or add an NPC if a player enters alone. Or, add them to the dungeon finder.
7. Similar to Craglorn, the various additional older DLC's are close to abandoned. Please add the dungeons and trials to the dungeon finder!
8. The login queue: I don't want minutes, but a countdown of players to leave (like Cyrodiil). I am ok with minutes for a business call, not for games. It looks like a scam.
9. The login queue: whatever you show, you can't make the clock expire because there is also an inactivity counter enabled. Or this or that.
10. Dungeon ready check. Why do we have to travel to player when they are in the open world?

That's all for today. Thank you for watching! :p
  • alterfenixeb17_ESO
    1 & 2. Needless to say that Apple is abandoning support for 32 bit apps soon entirely. Hopefully ZOS learned their lesson from last year

    6. Actually about those this is a problem for low CP players. At 810 it does get easier (i,e, no need for full group to do those delves). Still this is done more for fun that for actual rewards so do not expect people doing it often.
    7. Group delves are only in Craglorn. As for actual instanced dungeons from all dlcs they are already available via dungeon finder. trials however are not.
    8. More importantly this is how it is usually done especially that estimates can go up. Number of people waiting in a queue before me cannot.

  • Dormiglione
    This evening I can't login. The timer is running a few minutes, then the server fails and becomes unreachable.

    The login queue is becoming the new Match Maker. Do we have a match to login?
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