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Official Discussion Thread for "Elsweyr and Update 22 Now Live on PTS!"


This is the official discussion thread for the article Elsweyr and Update 22 Now Live on PTS!

Explore Elsweyr and help us improve both the new Chapter and Update 22 on the Public Test Server. Read on to find out how you can join in and help us test this new adventure.
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  • Velothis
    Trial groups once Elsweyr hits:
    - Necro Tank
    - Necro Healer
    - Necro stamDD
    - Necro magDD

    Reading this PTS, running numbers and watching the necro class in action, it’s starting to look like even ZOS now confirms ESO is dying and adding poison to the punch. New content is fun and all, we all enjoyed our five minutes in Murkmire which was so hyped... In stead of trying to grab a last quick buck maybe try fixing and balancing what you already have and start respecting the values you had when starting this game so many years ago. This no longer feels like and elder scrolls game, the visions and freedom given to us in single player is hard to accommodate in an MMO, but it has gotten to the point where you basicly dictate what to play and how. I miss launch year, yeah there were a lot, A LOT, of issues, but at least you could play who and how you wanted.

    Edit: also when are you going to start listening to your players?
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  • russelmmendoza
    Velothis wrote: »
    Edit: also when are you going to start listening to your players?


    Your funny!

    You know the answer to that.
    Everybody knows the answer to that.

    Never. Ever. Forever.
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