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Missing Berries

Where can I find the missing berries? It says I need four Luminous to evolve, but there's only two available. Where are them?

  • YamiKuruku
    get updated with the new week
    -{ PC EU }-
    CP 810+
    x Khazadaar > lvl50 EP | Khajiit magblade | Main&Master Crafter | Bloodletter
    x Mazayee-Kajthux > lvl 50 EP | Argonian Warden Healer | Godslayer
    x Margaux the Undying > lvl50 DC | Breton Templar Healer | Tick-Tock Tormentor
    x Fendryn Olms >lvl 50 EP | Dunmer Necro Healer | Gryphon Heart
    xCassius Pavo > lvl50 EP | Imperial Necrotank | Bringer of Light
    x Haj Xal >lvl50 EP | Argonian Healblade | Immortal Redeemer
    x Caessia>lvl 50EP | Imperial Warden Tank | Bringer of Light
    x Andre Valere >lvl 50 AD | Breton SorcTank | Gryphon Heart
    x S'zhan'ir >lvl 50 EP | Khajiit StamDen| Alpha Predator
    x Ri'zaad Sajhan >lvl 50 EP | Khajiit DKTank | extinguisher of flames
    x Mi'ra-Do>lvl 50EP | Khajiit magPlar | Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor
    x Minwe Elsinor>lvl 50EP | Altmer MagDen | Dovahkriid
    x Velen Dres > lvl50 EP | Dunmer Magcro | Voice of Reason
    x Perathea > lvl50 AD | Argonian MagDK
    x Myvth >lvl 50 EP | Dunmer StamDK | Plague of Peryite
    x Nephaal Telvanni > lvl50 EP | dunmer MagSorc | Voice of Reason
    x Ko'haana > lvl50 AD | Khajiit Magsorc
    x Zasha gra-Lashk > lvl50 EP | Orc Stamcro
    xCassius Pavo > lvl50 EP | Imperial Necrotank | Bringer of Light
  • albesca
    The next berry will be released on the 18th, when the Tharn's week starts, and then the last one will become available on the 25th when the Sahan's week begins.

    PC EU

    Khajiit has no time for you
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