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Anniversary event: not well communicated in-game

So I'm playing ESO and I realise I can't remember exactly what gives anniversary boxes this week, I know it's world bosses and...some other type of boss but I can't remember what. So I go looking for the information. I check the Announcements section but it's all crown store advertising. I try to find somewhere else to find the information but unless I'm missing something it's not in-game anywhere.

If I didn't check sources outside the game I could be left with the impression that this event only consists of getting the cake and using it for the XP boost and getting tickets. Of course I might get an anniversary box doing something I'd do anyway, but then I wouldn't know how to find more.

I completely understand it's not possible to put all the information about everything which is going on into the game and that's what the website is for. But it would be really helpful if there was something in the game too. Just one of the 5 spots on the announcement screen reserved for a brief note about the anniversary boxes and the weekly schedule would be a vast improvement.
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    I've often thought the same. Using the announcement screen is a good solution, I'd think...
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