Looking for AD PvP guild with discord

I'm looking for an AD pvp guild to do cyro with while my other guild is on hiatus. I main a cp 900+ pure templar healer build in PvP running mainly kags/transmutation/earthgore. I mainly do BGs but I'm looking to do some mainland cyro/sewers preferably in the 30 day cp campaign but I'll take the 30 non cp as well. Admittedly I haven't been getting on as much as having people leave a BGs because they don't get filled fast enough is only fun for so long.
  • Foxrun
    Soul Shriven
    +1 on looking for AD PvP guild, figured with faction lock coming soon there may be some faction specific guilds.

    Looking to get into any type of Cyrodiil. Small man / group / sewers / etc.
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