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AU and NZ Based Social Guild - Very New - Still Figuring out it's place

Soul Shriven
Recruiting Casual and Hardcore Players, New, Vets and in Between, Any age

Any Alliance

Planning to do weekly events and raffles once big enough

Planning to do Dungeons and Trials

Open to suggestions

If you want to join leave your name here or send mail to @BlazingCarbon and I'll chuck you a invite
  • coldfirenexus
    hi my IGN: Syco Logical
    user: coldfirenexus !

    I am a returning player that is looking for a good Ausie time zoned guild, I am having a blasted with my new vampire nightbalde, I also own all expansion and dlc packs, so I shouldn't be locked out of any content ;)

    I love using discord and my discord name is: Syco#4918

    I play almost everyday for as long as I can manage :)

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    [If i'm offline on discord pls msg me anyway - it's linked to my mobile, Ty]
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