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Building a Vampire/Necromancer Hunter RP Guild

(This was originally a post asking if anyone knew of any guilds that followed this theme, but since I couldn`t find any I`ll be changing it)

I`m currently studying as much as the TES lore as possible in order to be able to write a plausible plot that doesn`t feel disconnected from the world, theme and overall mood of the series. S I think I`ll be creating my own RP group and storyline. Don`t know if anyone has any interest in it, but leave a comment bellow or send me a PM if you are. I already have an overall idea of how this "organization" would work, who it worships and the ones they are against, but I`m open for new and different ideas.

anyways. thanks for reading :D. i`ll be updating this thread and changing it`s title in the future.
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  • worrallj
    I like the idea, I'd play if I'm around at the same time. On this theme, I wish the fighters guild buffs to damage against undead & werewolves applied to necromancer's in pvp. By Stendarr we need a skill line designed to hold those abominations to

    I should also warn you I'm not always on at predictable times so to be honest I can be a little flaky when it comes to showing up for events.
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