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Healer looking for a progression guild.

I have all the skins that can be earned except the vAS Silver Skin, and the vCR+3. I don't have much vCR experience, because the guild I was in was doing vHoF which we cleared and then we focused on vAS, which was where we were trying to progress. I have experience healing on all 5 classes. I don't really know how one proves them self to get into a guild as a healer. Usually I end up healing because a friend tells someone I heal when they need someone to fill a slot. So, I've never tried out for a guild healing position. If there's anything else you'd like to know, or I haven't mentioned, let me know.

    ive got a guild on eso for the gaming community i started , and looking for more members to join us a work together and build something big in game and in the community, but Im @HICKXKUSH in game if you want to add me if that works for you some it dont idk why but sounds like you know a good bit about the game some are veteran players some are brand new and some of us have played off and on know some and learn more everyday, but this is a laid back guild got a plan for what to do with it, hopefully some roles or jobs, and ranks will be added into once it kicks off good.. i think once we get enough people to open the guild trader the guild will kick off better too, we arent going to be just a trader guild or a specific type we will explore all things to do with the guild but ,i want to invite you to my community if your interested its built for making new friends and playing games connecting gamers together , its world wide and small but we're growing by getting member like you if it interest you these are the links below... invite all your friends we are open to everyone.. discord is how we communicate in game.. if your interested friend
  • Armina
    Hi! we're actually looking for a healer in our progression group. Please join the discord and message me @Armina! We can talk there about requirements and such.

    Tank Main - Healer Second
    Always looking for new friends/people to play with!
    Innocence is life's greatest illusion
  • Krissalsa
    Feel free to check us out!

  • Hamrb
    hey, i can send you an invite to sheogoraths mortals if youre interested. we have several raid team around the times that work for you, and over 490 active members to play with. just let me know your @name in game and i can send an invite. or you can just message me in game @Hamrb only two requirements. 160+cp and discord :D
    Founder of Sheogorath's Mortals NA PC

    Exiled Lannister EP Sorc dps
    Hamrb EP Temp healer or dps
    l mufasa l EP Stamblade
    Fat Tyrion EP DK dps
    Mia Stone AD DK tank or dps
    Finn the Altmer AD Nightmage
    Launch Pad McQuack DC DK DPS
    Sterk Stonecrusher EP Stamplar
    -Wabba Jack DC Stam Sorc
    Sheo's Sweeper DC Magicka Temp
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