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Returning player looking for social guild

Soul Shriven
Hi all! Returning after a long time away and would love to find a guild or two that just enjoys the game. I play almost everyday and am just about to hit level 50. I’m a positive and bubbly person who is always up for a chat :)
PSN Empress_666
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  • acokebear
    Clan of the Snow Bear is recruiting on NA. We can do vet and normal content in a fun, positive, teaching environment. We do daily and weekly rotating events such as Cyrodiil Conquest Board, delve completions, skyshard hunts, Battlegrounds, Imperial City/Sewers and trials. We can help you with skin runs and monster helm runs. We have a mixture of new and veteran players, NA and Eu players, and all alliances. We do not have a guild trader, so we do not charge any dues. We do have a guild bank, store and tabard. We have 2 guild halls for your use. One has all the mundus stones, services, dummies and is working on getting all the attunable crafting stations.The second house is partially done and has/will have most of the trials laid out so you can see where dps, healers, and tanks stand during boss fights. Feel free to message acokebear on PSN anytime for a guild invite. We try to help people and get things done while having fun :)
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