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Crafting Writs are not available after certification

With the current 5 year anniversary event, I wanted to do the crafting writs on all my small characters. 2 among the 8 cannot access the boards from any city to start the writ and the discussion panel with the board is unavailable. There are no teal arrows. I have done all the certifications except for Jewelry and completed the success that checks every base certification. The characters are level 5.

Am I missing something? They are small level indeed, but I have invested time (and gold) to increase their riding skills and it would be a pity to delete them. Could Zenimax let me know if they are bugged and if I need to create new characters?

Thank you
  • JasonSilverSpring
    I cannot find a definite answer searching but I believe writ quests become available at level 6.
  • bongtokin420insd16
    that rings true, level 6 sounds right. Hit the desert and do an anchor tour then you will be there no worries.
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  • msalvia
    The posters are correct: you can get certified at level 5, but the dailies become available once you hit level 6.

  • Rittings
    Yeah does seem crazy you can become certified and then can't do the writs - but they are correct that level 6 is the unlock for crafting writs...

    Although, if I'm not mistaken, I think Jewelry crafting might be level-less... I've a feeling I picked that one up when I was level 4....
  • Zedrian
    Thanks for the answer and it does unlock at level 6. A bit weird that you can unlock certifications before the writs
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