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Login issues

Soul Shriven
I have been trying to login but it keeps saying login failed connection to sever timed out please try again later 
I get this every single day I try to log in to Eso. Clearing saved data, cache, rebooting, resetting router does nothing. I still have to sit here and attempt logging in several times before I finally can get in. It never used to do this and I have no problems with any other games. It's getting old and gone on way too long now
There is something seriously wrong with my old account since I can login immediately with my new account.

I can't understand why this still hasn't been fixed while it's a common issue with players who've played the game for years
If any support needs more detail on EXACTLY what happens before and during the error: I load up the game, pass the intro screens then pass the start screen, it brings up the MOTD screen with the server selection and my region is set to Europe, I click Play and I see "Loading..." on the left for between 20-40 seconds, then the error: "LOGIN FAILED Connection to server timed out Please try again" pops up, then I try again and get the same thing. Hope this helps somewhat.
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