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sotha sil eu pc 158k deftick - broken game ?

today´s deftick on drakelowe
i dont think this is normal to have such high deftick :)
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  • heng14rwb17_ESO
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    Rank 2 keep. Not many defenders. Raid wiped the number can easily be this high
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  • Universe
    LOL :D
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler for reference.
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  • KappaKid83
    I believe it has to do with duration of fighting around the keep. So let's say for the Pie achievement a group goes to an AD keep with two EP and two DC just to get the achieve and it takes an hour or more, that tick is going to be really high for the AD since it counts as a "D Tick".
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