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Soul Shriven
Hi people!

Let me be honest: I have only played this game for a few days. And I am in love. From the moment I created my first character I thought how fun it could be to do some RP. For me, it feels like the world is made for it!

So I was surprised to read (in another thread) that the RP-community is both little and hiding, only showing themselves in specific places. Maybe I am wrong - but that is the impression I got.
Anyway, I hope I am wrong! Because my little Khajitt is searching for some fun!

Does anyone feel like roleplaying? Small, big. Guild, no guild. I just want to play. :)

I am playing on the EU server, on PC.

My Khajiit is named Himalgo. He is a sorcerer, even though that isn't common amongs khajiits (I have read somewhere anyway). He was an orphan, raised away from Elsweyr. So he is not in contact with his home land or people. He was adopted by another sorcerer, who made him an apprentice and Himalgo learned the basic of magic. Until the sorcerer died.
Today he travel around, searching for a little bit of everything. He wants to learn stuff, meet people and find his place in life. He is specificly interested in tombs all around the world - and he loves exploring!
So you could call him..."Himalgo, the Tomb Explorerer and Sorcerer!"

I don't want to make more bagground story for him at the moment. The point is he is "open" enough so I can create him, as I play with him. Also, I am new to the game and somewhat to the univers (have only played Skyrim before). Therefore he is also open for people who want to teach him something. (And for me to learn with him)
He is usually full of energy, somewhat to the point where you might think of him a bit naive - but he is not. He can also be calm and thoughtful. He is very caring and positive.

He is not in a high level right now, and I don't own all the expansions. But I am considering it at the moment, depending. Just...Before any of you get any exciting ideas about abduction him somewhere! ;)
As he would say:

Himalgo is searching for adventurers like himself, or a place where he can see himself living and evolving. He is especially interested in magic and exploring tombs, among other things! He would love going on quests with other people. Share interests, stories and much much more! "

I hope to hear from some of you! :)
  • gamer_d
    Soul Shriven
    Hey @Siamara
    I've been playing this game for a while now but I haven't had the chance to do any sort of RP. I'm also on the E.U/PC server.
    Since you have provided a bit of your character's backstory, I think I should introduce my main character.

    His name is Vulontuz, son to a family of redguards living in Skyrim. Since he was a child he felt out of place, mostly due to being surrounded by Nords and their superiority complex. They were always boasting about the things they've done and how good they are at smashing their problems. Desperate to prove himself, Vulontuz grabbed his swords and went to perform some heroic feat and the first thing he thought of was slaying a werewolf which had been seen in the Rift. After a bloody battle, he came home with the beast's head but he also had some bites and scratches carrying the Werewolf's curse. The first transformation was terrible as he killed his parent's and other members of the village. Ashamed he went away to wherever the road takes him.

  • Siamara
    Soul Shriven
    Hey @gamer_d

    Thank you for your reply. :)

    I managed to find af RP guild, which gives me something to fit into. But I still would love "random encounters", as I feel they can give something different. And make the world feel more alive, than only the same people from the guild. (not that I have played with them that much yet)

    I have developed my character a bit more over the weekend, and if they both are on the road, maybe they could meet up! :)
    Feel free to find me in-game or reply here, if you would like to discuss something first. Who knows, maybe they could da a job together or something - I know Himalgo goes small jobs where ever he goes, just to get a bit of money or lodgings for the night. ;)

    My ingame name is also Siamara.

  • gamer_d
    Soul Shriven
    @Siamara I'll see if I can find you the next time that I'm online.
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