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LF an active Dutch Guild

Dear Recruiters,

I’m looking for a Dutch Guild.
- guild must be friendly
- Guild must be active
- Guild must be helpfull
- guild must speak the Dutch language
- Guild must play on Europe Server
- Guild must be factioned with Aldmeri Dominion(I’m rookie, so I don’t know if it’s even required on this game), otherwise it isn’t a musthave.

- helpfull/supportive to new members/players
- Should be casual
- Should organise events with guild members from time to time
- should consist out of adults or mature players.

My info:
Xbox One: Piwi2point0
ESO GT: Knight Piwi
Class: Dragon Knight
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Server: EU
Level: 10 (last edit 2-4-2019) Rookie
Active and mature player, always in for a great laugh. Helpfull to others on the moments when it counts.

  • Piwi2point0
    In advance apologies for the double post!
    I wanted to add that I own Summerset and Morrowind expansion.
  • emiel403
    Soul Shriven
    Heb je een toevallig Guild gevonden?

    Ik ben namelijk ook opzoek.

    GT: Eodwyn
  • Ladyshadownight
    Soul Shriven

    Als je nog steeds op zoek bent Dutch Lions Pact is een nieuwe guild maar we groeien snel. Mijn gamertag is LadyShadownight. Stuur me maar een berichtje!

    English version:
    If you’re still looking for a guild, Dutch Lions Pact is a new founded guild but we are growing fast. My gamertag is LadyShadownight. Send me a message!
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