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Tuckers Guide to Elder Scrolls Acronyms

For both new or returning players sometimes it is hard to remember certain acronyms, that's why I made this guide. If you have a acronym that I haven't heard or listed comment below and let me know and I will add to the list.

zone chat
  • msg- message
  • ty- thank you
  • np- No Problem
  • PC- Price Check
  • MM- Master merchant
  • TTC- Tamriel Trade Center
  • WTS- Want to Sell
  • WTT- Want to Trade
  • WTB- Want to Buy
  • LFG- Looking for Group
  • X or any letters- Used for group auto invites
  • GTG- Got to go

  • PVP- Player versus Player
  • PVE- Player versus Everyone
  • AD- Aldmeri Dominion
  • DC- Daggerfall Covenant
  • EP- Ebonheart Pact
  • BRK- Blue Road Keep
  • FARE- Faregyl
  • Roe- Roebeck
  • BM- Bloodmayne
  • Drake- Drakelowe
  • Chal- Chalman
  • Ales- Aleswell
  • Farra- Farragut
  • Sej- Sejanus Outpost
  • BB- Black Boot
  • Emp- Emperor
  • Ganked- Ganged up on by a group
  • Zerg- A Giant wave of enemy players
  • IC- Imperial City
  • Res- Revive with

NPC's and Other Elements
  • NPC- Non Playable Character
  • WB- World Boss
  • Wipe- Everyone die and then res
  • Pot- Potion
  • NB- Night Blade
  • DK- Dragon Night
  • Sorc- Sorcerer
  • Ult- Ultimate Ability
  • WW- Werewolf
  • Vamp- Vampire
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@Tucker311- PC
Nord Beth Rose (EP)
Imperial Freya Var (DC)
High Elf Hestia du foyer (AD)
Wood Elf Epona Caoin (AD)
Hotstuff Queen
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