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[SOLVED] [SPOILER] Truth, Lies, and Prisoners bug with the getting past the ward

NEVERMIND! I found the helm it was
deceptively hidden below in a bucket hanging out over the cliff, it was never up on that island. Well done trolling me with this quest objective, level designers lol.

I have talked to Skordo, Eilram and Arakh. I have killed Ifriz and watchers, but the ward does not go down. The objective says to "Find Captain Arakh's Helm" and the questmarker is a position on a small flowing platform connected by a narrow passaged that is protected by a ward, a purplish fog. If I try to pass through it im stunned and ported back.

How do I progress from here? I have tried talking to the captains again. I have tried relogging.Nothing helps, how do I get these wards down so I can get the helm?
Edited by Jayman1000 on March 31, 2019 1:17AM
  • pgorbas_ESO
    It is hanging on a hook of a hoist.
  • Jayman1000
    It is hanging on a hook of a hoist.

    bucket, hook, hoist, same thing :D
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