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We are Baan Dar

From unearthed truths and lies, circa 2E 24, is a translation of the first fragment from a series of vellum scrolls found in three Alabaster jars sealed in a cave. The discoverer was a nomad wanderer somewhere on the shores of Lake Vread in the Province of Elsweyr. I can neither vouch for nor deny its authenticity or veracity - only that the scrolls, as such, do exist. Read and judge for yourself:"Thus has the Legendary Baan Dar been seen time and again in various lands of our world at numerous and the same times in days of need. Thus also is the description so very hard to obtain and track - for in truth, there have been, and continue to be, many Baan Dars in the world. [...]The Legend grows still. Of the Dark Avenging Blade on the Wings of Night that make no sound. The Patron Saint of the Lone Wolf. The Thousand Eyes and Ears, the Hundred Arms direspectful of Time or Distance. Undying, Master of Disguise, Man of a Thousand Faces, Shapes and Sizes, Gentle, Rough-Edged, Gay, Stern. All the Mystery of the "Man Unknown and Undying"... not a single man nor God at all, but a string of seeds sown upon the land and left to grow into a forest.[...] But, by and large, the true Baan Dar is a string of beings taught to act upon what they believe in, and stand to take the yoke of needed action upon their own shoulders. "

This one continues the legend of Baan Dar. Do you?

P.S. We are going to Elsweyr, and we are currently in second Era, so I really hope to find some evidence of or elaboration on this half deity, Baan Dar. He seems to aggregate the idea of community of beings traversing the world of Tamriel in different times pursuing their own beliefs. Kind of like us, players.
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  • Paazhahdrimaak
    The lore tab is truly underappreciated.

    Interesting thought, We are Baan Dar.
    Gonna have to go back to that party
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