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Paladins of Akatosh looking for you!

Soul Shriven
Greetings knights, mages and all other heroes of the Covenant and all of tamriel!
The newly founded pladins of akatosh are looking for members and you might just be the one we need.
We are an order of holy knights of the divines, at home in our citadel chapel at the daggerfall mountains.
Our guild was originally dedicated for newer players or lower level characters to have a place to call home and allies to complete quests with; but we have found high level players who are devoted to our cause aswell- in short: the divines welcome everyone in their holy army.
While we were only founded a short while ago, we have since managed to build up a great guild fortress and have recruited more and more members each day.
We do not require any sort of „donations“, pay etc and every race, class and level is welcome, be it to only find people to help you or to become a roleplaying fully dedicated holy knight of the eight.
If you are interested in joining our cause, playing with us or even help expanding the order add me ingame @Nickmen3382.

And remember: no matter if you were a noble knight or a dishonorable assassin in your previous life, all may find redemption and purpose in the guiding light of the divines!

See you in tamriel- and may the gods watch over your battles!
  • Robin_the_Noble
    Hello there!

    I'm not looking for a guild but that's a killed guild name! Just wanted to point that out =D Have fun fellas o/
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