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Summerset: Storming the Walls Quest

Soul Shriven
I have a question about which combination of optional dialogue to pick that will make
Pan and Cas depart together.
I re-did the quest 3 times already. First choosing the first options only, next the second options only and the last the first and then the second and I always get the same outcome of
them going their separate ways.
Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong. I followed the guide shared here and on another website but no matter the choices I can't get the outcome I wanted.
  • Zaikeria
    It took me several attempts, but found my answer on the eso fandom wiki (rather than uesp)

    its not very obvious, but when Pan finds his dead friend when you go to raise the gates, you talk to him similar to how you spoke with Cas only a couple of minutes before. *spoiler* the first answer is the correct one in every instance)
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