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Loremaster Title Ideas (also title ideas)

Being a self-proclaimed Elder Scrolls Loremaster myself, and having been on the hunt for the title in WoW before I finally dropped that game for good, I immediately looked around in ESO for a title that fit the bill in a similar fashion. Librarian is the closest I've found, not exactly for what you need to do to get it, but because the title itself implies knowledge, or at the very least a library. That being said, there are Loremaster NPCs in the game, as well as a large plethora of Lorebooks, and I feel like now would be as good a time as any to finally let the Loremaster title be earned by players, and I have at least one good idea for how to obtain it.

The idea in question is to obtain literally every single Lorebook available in the game world. Now, by that I don't necessarily mean every Lorebook. But every Lorebook that glows blue, or more simply the ones you most commonly collect when traveling around or leveling the Mage's Guild storyline.

The single complication in this idea really is the fact that new Lorebooks are being added with almost every DLC, and as a result it would be a pain to keep updating the the achievement that would most likely correspond with the title. The solution to this would be to add a specific cap on how many Lorebooks you actually need to get the title, with the most effective way of doing so in my opinion being to include at least every vanilla zone Lorebook, or maybe every book up to Elsweyr since that's the next big content patch coming.

My second idea is to add a quest, similar to how you get the Librarian title, that you need to complete to earn it. Unlike the Librarian quest, however, this one would take more time to complete. It could just as easily be to collect a certain amount of Lorebooks, or it could be to find secret lore all around Tamriel and record it to take back to the quest giver.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am fully content with having the Librarian title in the game, but I feel as if it's a bit underwhelming to what a title like Loremaster would imply. Which is why I even thought of making this post in the first place. I'm also curious about other people's thoughts and ideas on the matter, as well as titles you all wish were in the game, and possibly have ideas for how they could be obtained and all that.
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