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Pet ONSLAUGHT - BG Heavy-Attack Sorc. Build

Hey there, just wanted to share a little Battleground (BG) build I've been using with my Kahjiit Sorcerer. Uses a lot of heavy attacks for interesting game-play, so hopefully yall enjoy it too!

Video Guide:

Written Guide:


Main Bar: (Lightning Staff, 2H)
  • Daedric Prey: To enhance the DPS of pets and apply a DoT w/ massive ending damage
  • Blockade of Storms: To do AoE dps that can't be reflected to dodged. Could use Elemental Reach if desired.
  • Hardened Ward: To protect pets and yourself. Use when pets are being damaged.
  • Volatile Familiar: AoE dps that takes people out of stealth and does an AoE stun. Useful for combos and poking.
  • Twilight Matriarch: Allows for team heals that don't require you to hump team mates all game. Useful with Major Mending from Resto heavy attacks.
  • Ultimate: Greater Storm Atronach: Large pet that one can hide in. Does nice damage with AoE stun. Also allows for synergy that grants Major Berserk, which verrrrr nice.

Off-Hand Bar: (Restoration, Staff, 2h)
  • Power Surge: For the healz and to get you that sick 20% Major Sorcery buff. A standard.
  • Boundless Storm: For the DPS, extra resist stats, and for the speed. Useful to get around and to do DPS. Also good to get NB out of stealth.
  • Mutagen: Heals team mates a decent amount. Counters some DoTs. Allows for a burst heal, which is always nice. Useful for points nabbing in Deathmatch Battle Grounds
  • Volatile Familiar: Same as above.
  • Twilight Matriarch: Same as above. Remember to use it with Major Mending from Resto heavy attack.
  • Ultimate: Absorption Field: Allows for some nice healing with possible synergy to kill pesky healers on enemy team. Many applications. Could use damage variant too.

Armor Sets:

Maw of the Infernal:
Type: Light or heavy.
Enchant: Magicka or health.
Trait: Impen.
How it works: Light or heavy attack damage has a chance to summon a daedroth to roast and toast :)
How to get: Undaunted

Mad Tinkerer's:
Type: Light
Enchant: Magicka
Trait: Impen.
How it works: Damage has a chance to summon a pet that stuns, knocks up, and deal shock damage. Electrifying!
How to get: Purchased

Knight Slayer's:
Type: Light
Enchant: Magicka
Trait: Impen
How it works: Full charged heavy attacks now do % health as oblivion damage. Great at ending them rightly!
How to get: Purchased

Food, Potions, Race, etc:

  • Melon-Baked Parmesan Pork:
Great for stats, no regeneration. Dps best.
  • Orzorga's Red Frothgar:
Great for health, has regen, lack magicka. Preferred for ability spam.
  • Withmother's Potent Brew:
Moderate health, magicka, and magicka regen. Good all around.


Kahjiit, duh. Has great critical stats, along with extra stats to regen and health/stam/magicka. Can't go wrong, as well as works with Power Surge.
  • High Elf or Brenton would work just fine.
  • Use other races at one's discretion.


Most used: Tri-restoration potions:

Useful to dodge roll, block, health, and gain magicka back. No downside.

Essence of Detection:

Useful to hit night-blades. Less general use.

Mundus Stone:

The Thief: extra crit chances

Works well with racial passives and Power Surge

Extra Spell Penetration or Spell Damage would work just fine as well. Depends on preference.


Always on abilities:
  • Power Surge, Boundless Storm, Mutagen, Volatile Familiar, Twilight Matriarch.

Usually open up with Daedric Prey and Volatile AoE, then into a lightning staff heavy attack.

May use Blockade of Storms if not moving much, facing multiple people, or flushing out Night-blades.

Healing: Use combo restoration heavy attacks with Twilight Matriarch heals. 1:2 ratio. Keep mutagen up.


Use Atro for most cases. Stuns, damages, and blocks other's attacks.

Use Absorption Field when healing or combo'ing with others to prevent healer spam.

Note: Champion points are mentioned in the video. They will not be listed here due to not being used in BGs.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Special thanks to those who watched the video! :D
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