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Looking for raiding guild.

Hello, im a healer/DD main looking for a decent raiding guild.

I mainly play healer and have completed most of the content in game like all craglorn HM, vHoF HM, vMoL, vCR+2 and vAS+1. Got all the gear a healer might need in any trial, lots of time and experience.Besides healer i have stamblade with 45k dps selfbuffed and magblade with 41k dps selfbuffed, dd is not my primary role so as one can see im not the one that you would take in first place, but surely can fill a spot if needed.Also im not an experienced tank, but have fully geared and ready to go character that would only need some training for vTrials.

What im looking for is an active raiding guild that is progressing to hard veteran content like vMol HM, vHof, vCR+ anything more than 0 and vAS+2, and ofc doing weekly ones for score.

Im ready to raid pretty much any day and any time and looking for a guild that have at least 2-3 raids per week.Considering that end game score pushing guilds usually wants one to be something more than just good healer in the end im looking for a decent, serious guild that can complete things and willing to progress on harder content :)

Feel free to contact me in game @Taemiru or Discord Taemiru#8460
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