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Stamina or Magicka


i m curretnly downloading and getting back into the game after i quit shortly after release cause of no content.

Whats the difference between Stam and Magicka Builds/classes? doesnt everything cost magicka iirc so why even play stam?

what do i need to play the new warden class? is there any recommended build? I got Morrowind a year ago cause it was on sale but never played it.

do i buy summerset? better to just buy elswyr?

i read that eso became f2p and now the world kinda "scales" with you soo is there any guidance where to level/what to do first?
  • Kikke
    Mag and stam is quite diffrent then the hybrids of old. You have tons of stamina abilities now for pure stam. Biggest diffrence is physical vs magical damage.

    If you have mirrowind you can play warden.

    You buy summerset if you want more quests to do or start with jewel crafting.

    Not F2P, but Buy to Play. There is a tiny diffrence. But the scaling works like this; you are scaled to level 50 160cp and all mobs will be this level. Somthing like that.

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  • zvavi
    All classes can be mag or stamina. Most of the class kits will be more into Magicka(some class abilities are still stamina based after morphs, enough to make different stamina classes feel different). while stamina relies more on weapon abilities. Everything is viable (more or less). So I would recommend going with themes you enjoy most.
    Dragon knights are fire based/ poison based (mag/Stam)
    Sorcs are lightening based/physical damage based (mag/Stam)
    Wardens are ice based(mag)
    Night blades feel more melee and have a great execute that feels like an execute.
    Templars.... didn't play them enough.

    Before lvl 50 CP 160 your equipment will become worse as u level up. That's right. In other words, lvl 30 with lvl 30 equipment will get same stats from equipment as lvl 4 with lvl 4 same equipment, while lvl 30 with lvl 4 equipment will feel...sad. so no need to worry about build till 160 CP, explore your class, check abilities you want, get used to a rotation :D.

    Also another recommendation I will make is: damage scales from max attributes (max magicka if you use staves/Magicka abilities | max stamina if you use other weapons/stamina abilities) so remember to eat well! Gives you health to be tanky and more mad main resource to deal more damage!

    About where to start the game, check Google for the main quest. I think. I mean I started out and did everything in Morrowind first, but I didn't know better, nor did I care to check, do whatever, enjoy the game, join a social guild, do things with them!

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  • ghastley
    The skills associated with your class are all magicka-based (although there are a few stamina morphs). The skills associated with most weapon skills are stamina-based (except staves). So a magicka-based character uses staves and their class skills, and a stamina-based character uses their non-staff weapon skills. Tanks need a bit of both, and will normal have high health rather than dominant magicka or stamina, and the balance of the latter will depend on their choice of S&B or Ice Staff for taunting.

    Since no character is without magicka or stamina, they have access to exceptional-use skills from the opposite pool, so everyone is slightly hybrid. But best results are at the ends of the scale, at least for damage dealing.

    Healers tend to be heavily at the magical end, and contribute to team damage when not healing. Restoration comes on a staff.
  • Easily_Lost
    I would not buy Summerset right now. Wait until Elswyr comes out, like when Summerset came out Morrowind was available from the Crown Store. If they do that again Summerset will be available in the Crown Store after Elswyr comes out ( also available with ESO+ ).
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  • NyassaV
    Stam for PvP (can still do PvE) and magic for PvE unless you play a sorc which does well in PvP, mDK is ok too
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