Returning veteran player looking for trials guild

Just recently got into this game again after four years away from PC and I will list a few notable things I did back then. Play way back in 2014/2015 when the game first came out, was in the Psijic beta and was an end game PvEer. I was in notable guilds like Entropy Rising, Last Prodigies, We Kill Bosses, etc. Also won the Quakecon 2014 PvE tournament that Zenimax hosted, and have world first for AA, HRC, and HRC hm. I also no death vMA multiple times and last raid I completed was vMOL. Just looking for a good/layback trials guild to get back into the groove of things again.



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  • NickCHI
    Feel free to check out LING-CHI, we're a newer quality PVE/End Game guild

    <LING-CHI is a quality over quantity guild looking for more players interested in Vet Trial Progression and Plunder Runs, Vet Dungeon Achievement Hunting, Arena Gear Farming, and Small Scale PVP. We have helpful members with an active Discord server.

    Recently formed about 3 months ago, we've steadily grown to just around 70 players at the time this was written.

    We welcome experienced players for Vet Trials or Skilled groups, as well as newer players who wish to improve their PVE and PVP skills. Our Discord has a ton of useful resources and players to consult and ask questions.

    We currently have 2 spots open in 2 of our vCR Progression groups. Check the Discord for more information on that.

    We are chilled and laid back, and have something going on everyday. If you think you may be a good fit for LING-CHI, either message me through here or in game @Nick-CHI or join our Discord Server and message me there.

    Thanks :)>
  • Krissalsa
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