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Duel Wield & S/B - 16 Temp Alloys still ?

If ZOS halfed everything on Duel Wield & S/B why is it still 16 temps to make gold ?

And 2h, Bow, Resto, Destro is only 8 ?

Makes no sense from a crafting to damage point of view ?
  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    Technically s/b is only 8 alloys and 8 resin. Dual weild is still the best damage producers and s/b is still the best defensive weapon.
    Edited by Lightspeedflashb14_ESO on March 23, 2019 8:52AM
  • WeylandLabs

    Thank you for correcting it, yes 8 and 8 temps / rosins.

    In PvE or PvP ? You feel Stam is more dominate in damage than mag right now.

    I feel this is in terms of playstyles and not actual damage. And even if it was defensive a resto can make an effianct defense also at only 8 rosins.

    So why does 2h weapons only get 8 and the other is 16 - becuase of playstyle ?

    Makes no sense if you ask me, and why would people be against making it 4 per ?

    Economy - I can estimate it thriving more vs less.

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  • Onefrkncrzypope
    I mean to be fair. Twice the farming, twice the transmute crystals, twice upgrade mats, twice the kutas, half the trait size, half the survivability, half the uniqueness and half the meta classes. Sooooo yeah what's the QoL fairness of DW? You only get higher weapon damage and higher crit. Probably that too will be forumed into Oblivion soon.

    At least make it cheaper to match the bigger weapons ye?
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  • tmbrinks
    The cost is a remnant of when the staves, greatswords, etc only counted for 1 set in the weapons, now that they count for 2, I would agree that the cost of upgrading the 2H weapons should be doubled to compensate for the changes.

    My opinion is that 1 set piece = full cost. 2 set pieces = double cost. That's what I feel would be fair.
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  • ghastley
    I can't disagree with the 2h = double everything logic, but I'm not short of the gold tempers; it's the purples to get to the previous step. At least a lot of items drop in purple.

    Purples run out because some Master Writs stop at Epic, and some need Legendary. Making from scratch means using the purples every time, and the golds only half the time. Also we're making furniture, so the purple furnishing recipes are using up even more, and they're much more common.
  • WeylandLabs
    Regardless I feel ZOS maybe needs to take a look into this, and look at the fairness of it.

  • Ri_Khan
    1/2 the fun at 2x the cost! Sounds about right.
  • EmEm_Oh
    2H weapons should not be 16 gold materials, and 1H weapons, like a dagger, need to remain as such. Why? What about a shield and a dagger. Or shield and an axe.

    We're taking balancing too far. Some people do both DW and 2H on either the same toon, or other toons, and thus , it would be even more gold mat requirements, all in the name of "balance".

    If you really want DW, then you'll do it. If you don't...then don't.

    Maybe we should penalize, I mean "balance", DW users because they can run two different enchantments and 2H'ers cannot.

    The only way to compensate would have been in the stats, and it appears ZOS changed those DW stats. If they screw around with mat requirements, it will only make things worse for players. They might want to re-think the DW dmg nerfs, and increase it a little to compensate users for making two weapons.

    16 mats on a 2H weapon will really create problems and even MORE BOTS will be looking to grind due to the lack of supply which will quickly run out, and prices with skyrocket.

    And then DW users will be coming back here screaming about the increased cost of gold mats...AND....2H users will be coming in here as well because of the material costs.

    Not a good idea. Think of something else. It has to be fixed with the dmg/enchant stats only. Leave the material requirements alone as I don't see a solution.
    Edited by EmEm_Oh on April 9, 2019 4:32PM
  • SoLooney
    Man, you bring up such a good point. Farming any 1h weapon from trials or dungeons is such a huge pain. They need to drop in pairs like in maelstrom.

    Zos, since you nerfed the enchants to half, then nerf the amount of temps needed to upgrade them. Not to mention 1h are half as strong as a 2h wep.
  • Reevster
    Next thing people will be screaming that Chest , legs , head should take twice as much tempers , stop the insanity...
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