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Need Advice for VBRP 4th round Last Boss

So this past weekend a few friends and I got this Arena a try. It was fairly difficult and took quite some time for us to go through the rounds. We didn’t look up guides or anything and were just winging it. Then we got to this boss.

I watched tons of videos and seemed like we had enough damage/healing/tanking but it wasn’t going very well. We sat here for about 8 hours trying again and again.

The first boss (Battlemage) was doing the fire carousel at 15-35% (depending on the exact Dps) but we would always slip up and either Damage the beast master too much and end up with a room full of enemies. We never did get the Haj Mota to appear.

Now we aren’t Pve the layers for the most part but we go and do all hard mode dungeons all complete VMSA regularly. But essentially we are PVPers.

Would anyone mind giving advice as to the best way to handle the transition between the 4 bosses of this round.

We killed Battlemage and Wamasu. Would try and kill the Gladiator while holding the Beastmaster at bay until we killed all others but it never seemed to go smoothly.

We all watched videos and such but still struggled.

Thank you in Advance
  • norrisnick
    Granted my group only has one clear on vBRP (but largely since we haven't gone back to it since, tied up with other projects), but ultimately we work through difficult content by taking time to identify what is causing us problems.

    - Is it a unique mechanic? ie: Killing the undead adds that pop up to prevent bone colossi, not stacking meteors, pinwheel, etc...

    - Is it a particular add with a dangerous attack? ie: heavy attack of said bone colossi, wamasu shock wave, archer snipe, etc...

    - Is it one of the bosses' attacks? We found is was critically important to keep the archer boss taunted immediately and constantly because the heavy bleeds attached to the basic light attack was wrecking our dps.

    - Are stats (health/resources) and mitigation where they need to be? When learning new content, it's best to scale back on dps and scale up on survivability so you last long enough to learn what is killing you. But ultimately, dying and figuring out what it was that killed you, will teach you how to get through. But in some cases there are DPS checks that if you don't pass them you get overwhelmed with mobs, or even just a room clearing mechanic. The mobs might be the case in round 4, but I'm not aware of a room clearing mechanic ala stage 5 vMA. Once you learn and can clear, you can ramp the damage back up to the point where you are riding the edge.
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