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Magicka Dragonknight DPS - War's Sorrow - Vet Trials Build | ESO Wrathstone

Class Representative

TL;DW - 2x Zaan/5x Spell Strat/5x Sorrow for fights where you can't keep up Siroria ; otherwise pure single target is Siroria/Sorrow/Zaan. AOE Setup is 5x Burning Spellweave/5x Sorrow/2x Grothdarr.J

Alternatives I tested: Sun (didn't perform as well due to Shadow mundus), Spell Strat/Siroria (didn't perform as well due to Shadow mundus), Julianos (decent substitute), Shalke Arcane jewelry/staff (outperformed by current damage sets), Siroria/BSW (Sorrow/Siroria performs better in raids with current Mundus), Flame Lash as a skill is performing incredibly bad, Skoria (only good for certain fights), I forgot to mention Proxy Det in the video for AOE so that's definitely a solid option as well!
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