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"BUG"Invisible NPCs In PvP . PC NA VIVEC

At alswell farm just a few moments ago 1:20AM Vegas time at the time it was controlled by DC …. wandered over to attempt to take the camp i did not see any npcs around except the one in the tower the rest agroed me while being invisible was unable to attack them or hit them in any way they just about killed me if i hadn't decided to run away … then the favorite issue with npcs in pvp STUCK IN COMBAT Unable to mount Unable to sneak Unable to Keep Recall Unable to /Stuck to get out i had to suicide over to bleakers after EP just took it and hand them some free AP because lets face it being stuck in combat and not even being able to reenter sneak is borderline 1 of the most annoying glitches I have ever come across =/
Final Form Mr Potato Head
  • Stellarvorous
    Invisible npcs that can damage and nearly kill you is one thing noting the fact when their upgraded they spam CC dots and their projectiles seem to go thru wall occasionally and seem to have GPS on you anytime your in combat with them sometimes even when you are at the next keeps resources because you had to run over because "You cannot mount in combat"

    Imo the worst issue is the being stuck in combat while im sure I am no where near the first to complain about this issue but it really does need to get resolved.

    Invisible NPCs that put players in combat and prevent them from doing borderline anything of value even after resetting the UI
    just screams please cancel my subscription...

    I shouldn't have to run over to the nearest 20 man group and suicide just so I can get out of combat half the times that doesn't even do it I cannot count the timesI died fighting players npcs at resources controlled by other alliances when I go to respawn at a keep a good distance away … I respawn and im STILL in combat either by those players or the npcs lol
    Final Form Mr Potato Head
  • tim99
    Happened to a guildi as well. He called me and some other to verifiy, but we could all see the NPCs attacking him, just he couldnt see them. But he was still able to kill them by spamming jabs until "the damage numbers didnt appear any more in the air". Maybe its linked to a special setting or type of hardware or driver? He says he has it from time to time, mostly with NPC walking around the castle where a lot of water is as well.
    All other of us have never expierenced this issue.

    After he started the game the 3rd or 4th time in a row, he suddenly saw them again as well.

    Weird but not major issue for him, as it happens, according to him, maybe 3 or 4x each year.
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