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PC/EU: Cyrodiil unplayable due to lack of server response

Wanted to PVP tonight (saturday, 7 pm CET), logged in to Vivec (all 3 factions poplocked). The game turned out to be massively unresponsive during any given fight (small/medium/large), clearly connected to a supremely poor server response

Here is a list of the majority of my gaming experience during the 30 minutes I spent in Cyrodiil until I quit:
* instant skills do not cast instantly but have a 2 second delay
* delayed skills do not cast at all, only repeatedly hitting the key again gives a small chance of any kind of reaction
* potions do not activate on first cast, only after 2nd or 3rd try they activate (althought the sound is being played at first - faulty - try already)
* dodge roll does not dodge roll
* break free does not break free
* shields do not cast
* siege damage areas are not being displayed
* enemy damage is calculated before it hits, on average the damage hits 2-4 seconds before the player is visibly starting his attack, making it literally impossible for any kind of reaction
* IF any given skill ever acitvates close to the momentwhen you hit the key, it is not targeting the person you were pointing it at, but someone randomly in the vicinity - or in 50% of all cases not even that.

Basically the whole gameplay is reduced to wishful thinking and blind guessing ('lets move left, its possible that I'm taking damage to the right in 2 seconds which I will unfortunately never see' - 'Lets cast some damage skill into the enemy blob in front of me, hopefully it will activate AND hit something - although most certainly not the guy I'm aiming for'). Of course this makes it NO GAMEPLAY AT ALL.

General information:
server PC/EU
campaign: vivec
all factions poplocked
ping: 160-200 (which is a very low value ever since the server-downgrade of Jan/28)
  • visionality
    Forgot to mention: skillbar does not swap either in 50% of all cases
  • Princess_Ciri
    Yeah Vivec is really laggy. I swapped to Sotha Sil and it's still laggy but a lot better.
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  • Starlight_Knight
    Its a joke right, Running armour master and necro i cant even keep both sets proc'ed never mind actually doing damage and winning a fight.
    I had a 1v1 with a magplar inside a keep the other day and we both were running damage builds but gave up fighting each-other after 2 mins of horrendous lag, just to exchange a few pm's saying how laggy it was..

    I moved to Sotha also seeking better performance, but imo its not any better.

    ZOS Don't care though, No money in fixing performance.
    Kestrael - Magwarden trooper
    PC EU - EP Vivec.
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