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Regional pricing

Soul Shriven
Dear ZOS,

I was wondering how you calculate ESO+ pricing between regions. For instance, a 365 day membership costs 81.99 GBP whereas the same membership costs 124.99 EUR. When converted, 81.99 GBP equals 96.08 EUR. Could you explain to me where this 29 EUR difference comes from?

  • Defilted
    Probably taxes if I had to guess.
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  • Ode2Order
    Soul Shriven
    The UK price probably also has taxes, I really doubt that Euro pricing is 23% on top of their price. I know currency exchange cost some, but definitely not that much.
  • Jayne_Doe
    Currency exchange rates fluctuate. I'm guessing they had to calculate the price based on a particular currency exchange rate - perhaps the average for the previous year?

    Plus, the tax rates could possible vary quite a bit.

    I doubt ZOS will reveal their pricing formula, but I'm sure it has to be something that can account for the fluctuations in exchange rates, plus varying taxes.
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