Vivec's Immortals PVE/Pact/BGs PVP

Looking for a new guild? Can't seem to find something that fits your needs? All walks of life in eso are welcome! PVE, Social, and PVP!We have a great diversity of new, experienced, and returning players! We also have a active discord for our members to socialize in!

Our current guild hall is my primary residence; Princely Dawnlight Palace. We have a banker, merchant, all basic crafting stations, a transmute station and multiple DPS testing dummies there. More crafting stations and mundus stones are on the way!

Any skill levels are accepted, and in time we hope you join our hub of Social, PVE, and PVP activities.

Check us out on the Guild Finder!

To inquire about joining, feel free to contact me or my officers with the following @names.

NOTE: We recommend contacting us in game, while I do check for comments on this thread, it is much faster to reach us in game.

@Valund18 GM
@Omega-Onyx CO-GM

@ForceSurge Immortal/Officer
@PowerThruWisdom Immortal/Officer
@Beesea Immortal/Officer
@VinnieTheMeeper Immortal/Officer

@NordicArcher87 High Ordinator/Minimod
@DraconicFalcon High Ordinator/Minimod
@Sayakiko High Ordinator/Minimod

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