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Please help me identify this addon


I believe these are the debuff icons that stick to the default group unit frame. The problem is I am not sure which addon do they come from. Don't look like Srendarr since the styles are different, as the lower ones suggest. Can't be Lui either as they still pop up after I disable it. Please help me identify the source. Thank you.

  • KhajiitFelix
    You are very bad.
  • Ydrisselle
    If you would post your addon list, it would be easier :)
  • KappaKid83
    I actually believe they are Srendarr as I am getting the same thing myself right now. Am also interested to see if anyone can confirm
  • Baertram
    If it's srendar you can check this by going to the Srendard settings, check the "Action bars" and enable the "Movbing of them".
    You'll see on screen the movable bars which you are able to drag&drop to other positions. There should be one bar at the position where you get these buffs then.

    But the icons look the same like Srendar icons for me so Ig uess it is Srendarr too.

    If you want to be really sure install the addon "Zgoo".
    Then reloadui.
    Define a keybind in the controls for "Zgoo - under mouse" and as the icons show up enable the mouse cursor, move the mouse cursor above it and press this keybind.
    Or if you do not want to use a keybind just move the mouse above the icon and write to the chat:
    /zgoo mouse
    Then hit the return key.

    The zgoo window will show some ionformation about the control below the mouse cursor.
    If you scroll down a bit in this zgoo window you'll find something like "GetName()" = "ControlName1" where ControlName1 is any name which an addon or the base game UI defines.
    If it's an addon it most likely starts with the Addon name. if it's from the game it most of the time starts with ZO_ (Not every time).
    So if the icons control name is ScrendarBuffBar3Icon2 you know it's e.g. Srendarr.
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