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Abah's Landing wayshrine Guard location NA server

Does anybody have any idea why one of the guards close to Abah's Landing wayshrine has had his/her default position moved so that they are now located between said wayshrine and the closest piece of wood available to be harvested?
I initially thought that another player had inadvertently prompted this movement but this is not the case. Every one of my 15 NA server characters runs into this problem, whereas not one of my 15 EU characters experiences it i.e. nothing has changed on the EU server.
It's a bit of a pain because I have to remember to avoid this relocated guard when returning to the TG with a bounty. So not a big deal but I am curious as to why it has changed.
  • SeaGtGruff
    It was probably just a guard that was temporarily relocated after chasing someone, as you suggested. I didn't notice him, and I made many trips to the TG while I had a bounty, so I'm guessing he eventually relocated back to his normal location. Once in a blue moon I've seen this happen with the guard who normally hangs out in front of the Hall of Justice in Vivec City, which I happened to notice because I spend a lot of time thieving around Vivec City since it's my home base on the NA server.
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  • TruthSeeker
    The guard had reverted to her normal position after the update.
    Thanks for your comment, SeaGtGruff :smiley:
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