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Vicious Vikings recruiting

Do you have the warriors heart?
Will you not reveal it until the axe does?
Well I have a guild for you!
Vicious Vikings Recruiting!
Come join us we have mead for all!

Who are we: We’re a social guild who do both PvP and PvE.

We do pledges and planned to do trials every Friday. The guild is very helpful and friendly(except shadow but he’s just a shark) so please do not be afraid to ask for help. We are listed as a casual guild, no need for experience in anything, we have people who are willing to help and give advice if needed.
We have a guild bank for use (note withdrawal is limited to the top 3 due to an old member taking the mick, if you’d like something back that you deposited or if you’d like us to check for something please ask myself or guild lead)

For PvP the guild is listed as AD, however all are welcome (they allowed me in and I’m die hard covenant) especially since we have a PvE side. Guild leader has since become a DC player but we haven’t changed the guild alliance. As stated all alliances welcome
Guild leader is currently testing out a raffle system (Guild will not profit from the raffle all money spent on entry will be given out in the prize draws)

Main rule I guess is don’t be a N’wah,
The guild jokes around a bit, but if a joke has gone too far for you, please speak up and let us know :smile:

We have a guild house just look for Shadow Akula 96 in the guild roster and travel to primary residences
(We plan on getting attuneable stations and Mundus stones at some point but at the moment we only have the basic stations and a few training targets of 327k health 3mil health and 6mil health)

We also plan on hosting duelling tournaments soon. The best will be rewarded.

Drop a message either here or on Xbox, or apply in game :smile:

My GT is: Shadow Akula 96
Guild Lead: King Carnegie x

Edit: Updated to provide more information

Further Edit: Dissolved DirrtySanchez’s Army and reforming under Vicious Vikings, changed the info to reflect these reformations.

Further further edit: updating information

Up to 60 members already (working on improving activeness)
Edited by Shadow_Akula on August 11, 2019 1:02PM
  • Shadow_Akula
    *updated the information on the post.
    We also have started a Facebook page
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