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Unarmed Skill line

Who wants an unarmed skill line to fight like a khajiiti monk, or have a round of fisticuffs in Hammerdeath Arena?
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  • srfrogg23
    Sure. I'll box ya.
  • phantasmalD
    Way of the Peaceful Fist for Stamina healing :p
  • SpiderCultist
    ... and pandas, don't forget about the Pandas. :wink:
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  • Alucardo
    I am so down for this. Kept my stam sorc race a Khajiit waiting for this moment
  • Colecovision
    Vanthras79 wrote: »
    Who wants an unarmed skill line to fight like a khajiiti monk, or have a round of fisticuffs in Hammerdeath Arena?

    Between the FG, Class, PVP, Undaunted and Psijic skill lines, there's enough to put together a very fun build. We just need something to slot in the weapon category for the stats. I've been playing with it, but the 4k weapon damage and loss of 2 set bonuses makes it impossible for anything beyond overland. Despite that, weaving punches with surprise attack on a Minotaur is awesome. Go try that.

    If they have plans for unarmed, GREAT! But if they know it's not going to happen. I would happily accept a band aid solution with no skill line at all:

    Brass knuckles in any form would open this up. Ideally an arena weapon. How about glass on a rope like Tong Po from bloodsport? It can make caltrops do increasing damage like the vMA bow. Even just agility brass knuckles that aren't special would get it going though.

    An outfit option to hide weapon when no weapon skill is slotted would work. That would also open up mages to go with just their hands. If a stamsorc holding daggers can cast mages wrath, a magsorc should be able to do it without a staff and not suffer thousands of weapon damage loss. It's not a staff skill.

    Lastly, a motif for the Fork of Horripilation. If it's small enough, it might have an unarmed feel. With the skills I've been using. https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Fork_of_Horripilation
  • SosRuvaak
    been wanting unarmed since the game came out.
    that and a bard skill line.
    For the Pact!
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  • FierceSam
    You can have it right now.

    The usual “my weapons appear behind me like they’re being dragged around by my arse” bug is alive and very much kicking.

    Most of the time it looks like I’m beating on the big boss with my empty fists.

  • SomeDogsAreCops
    Yes please, I have been making my unarmed Khajit, M'iaq Tyson, since Morrowind and I'd love to bring him into Cyrodil PVP.
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  • Chronocidal
    +1 unarmed (fist weapon)

    always preferred this style in other MMO's

    (whips being another personal fav)
  • AvalonRanger
    "Unarmed Skill line"
    Ultimate skill =" One hundred crack fist of north star".
    Seriously, I really want to defeat Vet Graven Deep boss by this skill. :s

    "You're already dead". >:)
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    By the way...Dungeon-Meshi(One of Famous Japanese fantasy story comic book) got finale...
    Good-bye "King of Monster Eater".
  • Kendaric
    I'd love to have an unarmed and/or martial arts skill line. Some martial arts animations already exist in the game (Khajiti monks in Northern Elsweyr), so much of the animation work is covered or would only need to be adjusted slightly.

    To cut down on the required work for new weapon styles, the "weapon" could be either invisible or handwraps which would have the same appearance as gloves.
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    • ADarklore
      It's interesting because they already have NPCs that do unarmed combat, not sure why it wasn't added to the game already. However, perhaps that is the 'new system' they are adding for next chapter. I just hope whatever it is they are adding, is NOT another 'mini-game' or other pointless time sink.
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    • finehair
      "Unarmed Skill line"
      Ultimate skill =" One hundred crack fist of north star".
      Seriously, I really want to defeat Vet Graven Deep boss by this skill. :s

      "You're already dead". >:)

      Can't wait to do my MUDA MUDA MUDA barrage on the dark shade caverns dark elf dude.
    • phaneub17_ESO
      Ooh necro thread. Ooh its a question thread, if the person is still using the email and didn't turn off email notification...
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