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Beginner PvE Tank Build - Magicka Aegis - Crafted & Cheap Gear (CP160/300/810 Setups)

Class Representative

TL;DW - 2x Naga (Heavy Helm/Pauldron) + 5x Seducers (Heavy Chest, Legs, Sabatons, Medium Bracers, Light Sash), 5x Battalion Defender (Jewelry, sword and board + lightning staff or ice staff backbar). Traits can be all Sturdy. Infused or Decisive on sword/board weapon. Trait can be what you NEED for stats on shield.

Atronach or Lord for Mundus Stone.

Battalion Defender (How It Works)

Easiest Monster set to get: Bloodspawn (Spindleclutch II Veteran & Silver Chest/Maj al-Ragath's chest).
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