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Mature Clan

Hello All

CLAN HAMMERAXE is looking for new mature members; we are a small clan, easy going and willing to take our time to go through and enjoy the content of dungeons and the like. We are English speaking with members from all over the world.

MATURE MEMBERS: We have members as old as 60, I’d say our main age group is from 30 to 50 with a few at either side of that, we experimented with younger members but it didn’t work out, turns out teenage drama and angst wasn’t for us, so we are looking for mature members only.

SMALL CLAN: We currently have 37 members and have yet to go over the 45 mark, some have come and gone for various reasons (I am happy to say the clan it’s self has not yet been the reason for anyone leaving). We decided early on that we had no interest in becoming a trading guild, and would likely not go over 50 members, that remains the case.

GAME CONTENT: We try everything, although we recognise that some content is not for everyone. We have many that have no interest in PVP and others with little interest in PVE, that’s all good, but we do look for participation in some clan events. We run trials, world boss and shard runs, pvp groups, battlegrounds, and many group dungeon runs throughout the week. While we are looking for members to join in, we understand and accept that some areas will not be for everyone and that is ok.

NEW TO THE GAME & US: You will find we have members that are new to ESO, and that is not an issue. We have had just about every level of experience within the clan from first week in the game, to playing from earliest beta. Our members are incredibly helpful, and always willing to help with info, hints, tips etc. to help you get started on the right foot and lead you through your first dungeons and the like.

CLAN HOUSE: We have a sizable clan house with around 10 full crafting set stations, a couple of Mundus stones, transmute, provisions, alchemy, enchanting and outfit stations along with a banker and merchant, all still a work in progress and I suspect ever will be. We have many crafters happy to help out with gear and weapons all of course free, and we have a big bad ass training dummy you can test them on.

CLAN: So, why a clan and not a guild? A guild is an organization of people who have the same interests. A Clan, that’s Family.
Come say hello on our Discord, give me a shout @FAD if you want to have a chat about joining, we do not spam in-game for members and we do not just invite.

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  • Nervani
    I have been a part of this clan for some time now and I can wholeheartedly recommend them! They are very friendly and helpfull. Though I can honestly say I'm not as active as I want to be due to other commitments but when I do get a chance to they truly feels like a second family ❤
    Edited by Nervani on March 5, 2019 5:18AM
  • morph1976
    Soul Shriven
    Hi guys, I'm a 40 something dude looking for a group. I'm 5 days into eso on the pc but I was a 530cp mag sorc on the xbox. I was a member of 2 small guilds on there. I wasn't far off from being a master crafter. It's a bit of a bind starting from scratch but if I'm honest I found myself grinding through the levels just so I could participate in the trials and didn't really focus on any of the game content. This time round I'm taking my time going through each zone and doing a lot of the story content. I'm currently level 37 pet sorc so fairly lowly. I'm going to be grinding the crafting tree again so once I have enough traits I'd be able to help. As for trials I've done a lot of them and have a good idea on the mechanics on many of them especially cloudrest (completed a normal +3) and hel ra citadel. I'm not looking for a group full of children and yours seems like it may well be worth joining. My online name is morph1976 (hence 40 something) I'm on most evenings. I'm mainly into pve and not really a fan of PvP though I may at some point chase the skyshards. If I sound like the kinda person you want in your group, please send me an invite
  • dingl78
    Hey,if you’re looking to join the clan message @FAD in game or jump on our discord and say hello
  • chattofadb16_ESO
    Hi All

    We have had a few new members join us and I believe they are happy with the clan, but we are still looking for some more, so have a read at the first post and if your interested come by our discord channel and give me a shout (@FAD). Again we do not just send out random invites, so come by and have a chat
  • Spiderjen
    Soul Shriven
    Fad (the guild leader) said I have to come and say something nice about the clan.

    I've been a member for a few months now. It's a small but very active guild, always willing to help each other out. We have zone runs once a week collecting skyshards and defeating world bosses, lots of fun. And usually a trial once a week that you can sign up for. Some of us like to go into Cyrodiil, do battlegrounds (not me, that's scary), and dungeons.

    We have the whole range of players from very experienced to complete newbies, and any question you ask people will fall over themselves to help you out.

    Everyone's very accepting of each other, with lots of light-hearted banter, and personally I don't think I could have found a better guild.

    Did I do ok Fad? ;)
  • WhitewolfAbAlba
    Soul Shriven
    I've been part of the clan for about 2 weeks now and I am loving every minute of it.
    I used to be a lone wolf player but this makes your QOL so much harder in this game, so I decided to look for a guild and luckily for me I found the clan.
    Fad, our head honcho, is relaxed and supportive of every member of our clan , from beginners to advanced players, and our clan chieftain Dan is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the game, while Rusty, a senior clan member, is one of the most helpful and pleasant persons you could hope to meet.
    As for the other members, who are absolutely brilliant, why don't you come and meet them?
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