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Greater Storm Atronach + Cruel Flurry, constantly consumed

It's not likely that a lot of people care about this since Maelstrom DW weapons are basically irrelevant right now, but during some stamsorc testing I see that the Greater Storm Atronach consumes the Cruel Flurry buff every time it does damage.

So rather than the Greater Storm Atronach consuming Cruel Flurry and being buffed for its duration, each time it applies its Shock Damage (and shows the animation), it consumes Cruel Flurry again.

This makes Maelstrom DW pretty much impossible to use in conjunction with Greater Storm Atronach because it is nearly impossible to buff any other skills with Cruel Flurry while the Greater Storm Atronach is active. This doesn't make any sense if Greater Storm Atro is to be considered DoT damage (since it is buffed by Thaumaturge); in this regard it acts almost like it is applying Direct Damage numerous times over its duration.

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_Gilliam

Video demonstrating the bug:
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