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Pvp eu vivec ps4

Came back after a while because I missed pvp and started to sub again. The game though has changed so much. At 23.00 on a Wednesday night ad are at full, dc 2 bar and ep 1 bar. No point in trying to play as all ad do is send 30 folk to fight at dragon or 40 to defend nikel. This is how ad won last campaign, by stupid numbers at night. During the day they are pants with even numbers, or slightly more, they get tanked constantly. Can only think because Zos make paying for any race the reason for this with ad having what is seen as the meta races just now. Unsubbed again, waste of time now.
  • Vietfox
    Funny you say that. In this last campaign reds were 10K ahead of everyone else because they were locked during the whole day and night but now, 7 day before the campaign ends my beloved AD managed to get 1st place again.
    Keep up the good work AD!
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