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LF pvp Guild DC alliance

hello there a loner imperial here
im almost a month old in the game and reach 150 cp pts almost there for 160 to max out gear cap "i love doing pvp and open world exploration"im so bored doing solo quees in BGs,or vet dungeons and i wnna jump in to try Cyrodiil area " so far im loving the game and willing to contribute "once i reach cp 160 i will farm gear pve,pvx and help others someday
add me @RockMuscleGaming
Edited by RockMuscleGaming on February 25, 2019 12:59AM
  • Hiiipowerbass
    Soul Shriven
    Same for me m8, ever find anything?
  • RockMuscleGaming
    not yet ive been doing Cyrodiil pvp for 3 days now "with the patch release everyone is trying to do the new dlc "if you find one let me know m8 :)
    Edited by RockMuscleGaming on February 26, 2019 1:55PM
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