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Lizard-like animals from Murkmire: where did they come from?

Is there any lore explanation for lizard-bears, lizard-horses, lizard-senches and such? Maybe an in-game book or something? They look man-made to me.
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Best Answers

  • Aliyavana
    The book https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Scaly_Steeds_of_Black_Marsh explains that the hist liked the forms of the mounts the other races had and made them based on them. They have a similar origin to argonian themselves. Here is a UESP note on both things

    "The Argonians have an allegory known as the Parable of Becoming that exists to explain Argonian’s humanoid form. It states that the Hist found the forms of humans and mer useful and then molded the swamp’s lizard’s forms after them to form Argonians. Scholars believe that the Helstrom Ancestor Lizard is what Argonians were uplifted from. Adding to this theory, the Argonian Mere-Glim had a vision while on Umbriel. Within this vision Mere-Glim experienced being a lizard living every day and year the same until the root and taste of sap came bringing changes to both body and mind. Similarly, theories exist that the hist also mimicked the forms of the mounts of both humans and mer, from horses, to the senches, all the way to the camel, to be used for Argonians to ride long distances."https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Argonian
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  • SirAndy
    logarifmik wrote: »
    They look man-made to me.

    Probably Mer-made ...

    Edited by SirAndy on February 24, 2019 8:16PM
  • GChaseXmas
    I don't think there is any lore book out on them, if there is my answer is probably irrelevant. I mean maybe you have some magic ritual that turned the lizards' shape/form. Or in the alternative the ritual turns horses/senches/bears/etc into lizard-esque creatures. I mean I'd like to think it isn't cross-breeding because getting a lizard and a horse to breed . . . lol
  • Itzmichi
    My guess: Argonian humped a bear,senche and horse!:)
    Here, have a chill pill 💊!
  • PrayingSeraph
    When a camel and a Lusty Argonian Maid love eachother very very much...
  • Scythe_Mercer
    When a camel and a Lusty Argonian Maid love eachother very very much...

    Pretty sure that’s Bosmer, at least an isolated as hell clan of them.
  • Nisekev
    They came from the skeleton model of main types of mounts and normal mounts barely fitting into marshland-themed crate. Whatever lore excuse ZOS came up with doesn't convince me there weren't some less lazy way to use those models instead of turning them into some mutant lizards and slapping a "Hist made them" sticker.
  • Alucardo
    Dude, I just played Murkmire for the first time a few days ago since coming back to ESO. My housemate came into my room because I was making a lot of noise and asked what was up.
    My completely uncontrolled and excessive response was me shouting "LIZARD BEARS WTF"

    In other news, I need to get out more.
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