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[PC EU] Divine Souls (a brand new guild is recruiting!)

Soul Shriven
A bit of lore about the guild
Hi to all souls of Tamriel! This is the Divine souls leader speaking, Eden Traven. Our guild is in need of help to expand and you are surely the help we need. We've been in hiding for too long and it's time we open up our doors to all types of newcomers. We workship the souls of the Divines, the decendents of the eight. They only wish for the best on Tamriel and so we chosen ones deliver their will.

About the guild
  • This is a guild of PC Europe server only (for now at least)
  • The guild originated on the Daggerfall Convenant and so for now can only help in Pve there. We want to expand to other alliances but on the time I wrote this we can only help on the Daggerfall convenant Pve.
  • The guild focus on helping everyone with Pve. This means we help you with quests, bosses, dolmens and more
  • We're a casual guild. We don't require fees and won't ever. We're just here to have fun with the game and hopefully expand.
  • We aim to be a good social guild. We plan to open a discord server once we hit 5 members. Even though the discord server is not a requirement I would very thankful if you joined.
  • We don't tolerate bullying, harrassment and cruel people. Like I said before the goal of this guild is to form a great communnity and people who don't respect this will have to leave the guild.
  • The guild only has one member (right now) and that's me. Like I said this is a new guild but I will be looking for more people as the days pass. Hopefully you that read this will join me.

How to join
I'm from Portugal and so my timezone is GMT. Feel free to whisper to @AriaViolet to join (if I'm online) or reply here if you prefer. Our doors are always open! Any doubts please ask me in-game or here.
For the sons of Magnus!
  • Nickmen3382
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Aria Violet,

    I´d be glad to join the Divine Souls, especially since I was planning on founding a guild based on the knights of the eight or divine crusaders myself, but it seems you you´ve been faster then I was.
    I just got back into ESO after a loong break and since I planned to found a guild myself I already started preparing a guild hall for this type of holy order. In case of you not yet having an own Headquarters I´d be glad to provide it as a home to all warriors of the divines. It is based on the Daggerfall Overlook but I started to refurnish it with decorations matching the holy order theme.

    I accidently deleted my old main character (which was the reason I stopped playing the game back then) but recently started a new templar character, I still have the old characters home aswell as some useful things on the bank.

    If you have no problem with accepting low level characters in your guild I would be glad to do my part in it. I´m from germany, so I´m in a similar time zone.

    Edited by Nickmen3382 on March 15, 2019 5:35PM
  • garretmia
    Hi there I would love to join your guild, I to have also just got back into ESO after a few months break, looking for some friendly players for PvE grouping, im currently at CP476.

    Im from the UK.

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