why does it take up to an hour to shut down game when done playing?

After playing for a long time it takes an hour or so to shut down
  • Tasear
    Which system? What kind of specs do you run? What do you consider shutting down means? Are you getting any errors?
  • jeedrzej
    Try alt + f4. Works instantly
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  • redspecter23
    If it's taking you an hour to shut down, that is not a common issue at all. Provide more details and perhaps we can help you.
  • albatrossj5
    Thanks for your help prob solved
  • FierceSam
    Same issue. On quitting the game you get a black window for minutes. I go off take a break, have some coffee and it’s usually done by then. Eventually it will actually quit.

    I know I can force quit the game, but this can have side effects on any programmes I run subsequently without a hard restart. It should NOT happen and is indicative of a client that has not been effectively programmed for the Mac. No other programme or game I have ever used on the Mac has had this issue.

    Clearly this is way better than constantly crashing, but it reinforces the perception that the ‘Mac fix’ simply upped some cache number and dumped the problem further down the line. Equally, given it is similar to the ‘generates crash log when quitting’ that preceded the Murkmire update, it indicates that there is still a significant amount of work needed to produce a genuinely stable, working Mac client.
  • Auricle
    I thought the update might have fixed this issue, but nope. Still have to force quit every time. Ridiculous and unprofessional. Things like this should not be happening.
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  • Romilly
    Have same issue. Macbook Pro Mid 2015.
  • Puodas
    Same here, macbook pro 2017
  • Ecstatica
    Although nothing was mentioned in the Patch Notes, this update appears to have pretty much fixed this - it still takes about 10 seconds but I'm seeing a definite improvement...
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  • Deeprave
    As I've mentioned in other threads - I have the same issue, mentioned by MANY others as well, and has been happening for months now. Prior the most recent patch it would never shut down on quit even if left running overnight after a long gaming session - it would just become permanently unresponsive. I can confirm that this is definitely _not_ fixed for me.

    The longer the client runs, the longer it takes to shut down. If you're in the game for less than 10 minutes or so, there's almost no delay. There is an issue in the Mac client that causes this (still, has been happening for some time), evidence that something internal is not right (memory is overwritten or some other corruption etc).

    I haven't had a long enough session since the patch a couple of days ago to know if it is still unchanged or even if the inevitable crash to desktop after a 4-5 hour session has been fixed. At least it is better than the 45-60 mins I used to get a few weeks ago.
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  • Natala
    I'll also add in that it is not fixed for me either. Many of the other issues have been fixed or greatly improved but the black window that lasts forever upon quitting has not. If I've only been playing for a short while its nothing but if I've been playing for several hours then it is very annoying as I frankly end up force quitting it when after 30+ minutes it is still trying to shut down.
  • albatrossj5
    still having same prob . last nite an hour and a half then force out down . P lease address this and get it sorted.
  • FierceSam
    An hour?

    Mine sits there like a stale dropping for far longer than this. I’ve never had it quit gracefully since before Murkmire.

    It’s been going on since October.

    ZOS know, but like the lag, the snapback, the loadscreens, the group finder, and all, there’s no sign of them being bothered by it. They don’t play on Macs.
  • Delpi
    Well... I press logout, accept it.... BUT NOTHING HAPPENS! Even If I try to do it again. I can't logout from the game... this is ridiculous. (I'm on mac btw)
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  • agegarton
    This is a common issue that has been well documented on various forum posts etc. Quitting the game client on most Macs causes a spinning ball - in many cases even waiting an hour will not terminate the app, which needs to be forced to quit.

    There is something wrong with the app, simple as that.

    Or perhaps I should say, something else wrong with the app! It's a long list.
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