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Can't connect to main website and also can't connect to the NA servers Xbox


I'm having an issue connecting to the main website and I'm also not able to connect to the North American Server on my Xbox one. I tried connecting to your website on different web browsers on my desktop and I even tried connecting to the website on xbox one but can't connect.

I'm able to connect to the European server on my xbox one.
  • Rawkuz723
    I've been trying to access the main website and Xbox North American server pretty much off and on all day. Everything was working fine on 2/20/19. It's now 12:06am EST.

    Not sure if this helps but I went to and there was a PS4 user that is having almost the same issue as me and I qoute:

    Hello there, I'd like to report an ongoing issue that I've been experiencing for the past two hours. It pertains to The Elder Scrolls Online North American Server on the PlayStation 4. I am able to sign into the European Servers but when I attempt to sign into the North American Servers the update doesn't show on the tab and shortly after attempting to sign in I get a connection lost notification. Am I missing something here? I know they recently updated the game but this confounds me.
    Edited by Rawkuz723 on February 22, 2019 7:33AM
  • Defilted
    XBOX NA is down for me and I cannot connect.

    Keep receiving "An unexpected internal error has occurred. Please contact customer service at"

    No alerts or anything on their website stating it is down so I assume they don't know it is down currently.
    XBOX Series X

  • Astarana
    I was in the game on Xbox one NA server and I am stuck on loading screen for last 5 minutes. Several people other people I know say they get log in error.
  • TruthSeeker
    PS4 NA is down for me as well. Seems to be an NA issue, as EU is fine.
  • frostz417
    Xbox NA is down for me as well
  • Jciampi
    I cannot connect either. Xbox live works fine. But cannot connect to ESO servers.
  • Liam12548
    XB NA is down
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  • Rawkuz723

    As of 2/22/19, 11:20 am Est.

    I'm now able to connect to the main website and to the NA server on Xbox one. My matter has been resolved.
    Edited by Rawkuz723 on February 22, 2019 4:35PM
  • ZOS_BillE
    Earlier there were some login issues on the NA megaservers. These issues should now be resolved.
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