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RPPVP Event this weekend!

Soul Shriven
Fliers would be spread throughout the cities, and word of mouth spread by nearby Ports.

The honorable Lucan Mirelius will be hosting a combat tournament (PVP) on the date of (Feb 23, 7PM EST at Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven) The winner of this tournament will be rewarded for their efforts in the form of 20,000 gold coins, and will also be offered a contract of employment for Lucan (though accepting is optional of course). The battles will consist of one on one, allowing two weapons of each participants choice, not including shields. Should any participants meet an untimely demise, Lucan Mirelius, nor his organization, will be held liable. Medical attention will be given to living participants after each battle. Admittance is granted at your own risk, best of luck to all who wish to prove themselves to be the top competitor.

Contact via Discord: Saint Daddy#7821 or Kalozka#6794
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