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Fun pvp/ world boss farmbuild for IC

Race: orc
Class: stamsorc
Mundus: warrior
Potions: tripots
Food: bergama warming fire
This is a build intended to stay in wolf form(pretty easy to do with the abundance of mobs in IC.even if fighting against another player a leap into a mob or 2 can rapidly increase your timer. Build up ulti however you can, then wolf out and off you go.
I prefer bow back bar and DW front with wolf on the front bar.

5 PCs heavy orgnums scales
5 PCs imperial and weps.. all jewels transmuted to triune, 1 health recovery enchant 2x weapon damage enchants.

Dw infused with 1 oblivion enchant 1 absorb health enchant.
2 PCs troll king
Big pieces tri enchanted, small pieces max stam...and everything in impenetrable.

Champ points are pretty standard for a wolf build but make sure to put an additional 10% in the health recovery tree as this will buff your troll king/orgnums/major fortitude from pot/ heavy armour passive/orc passive....

A little on how to play the build.

The health regen is nuts so magic regen isn't a problem as you should rarely need to howl but the option is there if you take a nasty burst.The absorb health enchant will proc your troll kings from passive light attacks so make sure to weave constantly and even la spam will hurt on this build. Stam regen is a little on the low side but a fear and heavy attack should do the trick.... if you get in a jam pull your opposing player(s) close to a mob then fear but HA the mob as it won't break free... by the time your opponent has broken free and reingaged your around 10k stam better off.
  • ChefZero
    Leeching plate + curse of pariah + monster set of your choice

    You just can't die if you pull enough mobs :D
    PC EU - DC only
  • rabidrufus64
  • Neoauspex
    When I see that blue beam on a player in IC, I immediately go back to Cyrodiil.
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