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New RP(PVP) Guild looking for more!

Soul Shriven
<Dominus Fatum> - A new RPPVP guild!

Premise - Led by Lucan Mirelius, Dominus Fatum is an aspiring empire, whose end game goal is to claim the Ruby Throne for their leader. Most things are not above the currently small group of individuals, willing to partake in any type of work, ranging from assassinations, trading, manual labor, etc... Anything to make the bottom line for the benefit of the organization. As a guild, there are no prejudices based on race, though perhaps the same cant be said for some particular members. Previously, the group was focusing on consolidation, searching for a quick means to wealth to fund various necessities to assume local power. From there, they sought to slowly but surely expand their area of influence... However, a surprise attack from an unknown faction, assumingly one which had been betrayed by Lucan in the past, has left them without a base of operations, forcing them into a more nomadic lifestyle. As of now, the group seeks to bolster their numbers, searching for any clues as to who may have played a part in their homes untimely destruction.

1. No ERP/ ERP themed characters... If you wanna do this on your own, privately, make sure it is not associated with the guild in anyway.
2. This guild is not a safe space. If you feel offended or upset by something someone said that was not intended to be offensive, best you save us both time and don't join.
3. High quality rp. Please refrain from being an edgelord/unrealistically strong char/etc...
4. Refrain from drama, if you have an issue with a person, confront them and resolve it like an adult.
5. Conflict default resolution is PVP, although if two people agree to a different system, more power to them.

Other info: Though we are a primarily an RPPVP guild, we asked to not be mistaken for just being pvpers looking to "big ***" RPers. Our core members have been roleplaying for years, and only seek to take advantage of what we believe to be ideal mechanics to conflict resolution. Often times emote fights lead to disputes and voids, and determining outcomes by RNG (rolls) is not ideal to us. With that said, should we come across people who prove themselves to not be powergamers, we would be more than happy to emote fight.

At the moment, we are looking mostly to recruit, but to also eventually set up a conflict story line with another guild, one that could result in multiple pvp skirmishes, and maybe even some emote fights.
If any other guilds would like to contact us to set something up, discord info:
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