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Huntsman Motif dropped for anyone yet?

I just completed a run of vMoS (no HM) and no one got a motif drop. I realize this isn't by any means a theoretical impossibility, however, it's not something that should happen commonly either. Run was started at 11AM EST, concluded around 12PM, confirmed motif was already in store before even queueing for it.

I know there was a bit of a mess up with motif drops (at least on HM) for MHK, so I'm just looking for confirmation from someone else who has ran that they are in fact dropping.

  • zvavi
    I run it twice (non hm too) no drops for any of the group yet
  • kringled_1
    Someone linked a chapter in zone chat yesterday (pc/NA, Stormhaven) with a kind of a celebratory tone rather than a wts post. So I'd guess that it is dropping.
  • karekiz
    Its dropping.

    Did HM twice last night and got a motif for each clear.
  • rabidrufus64
    the weapons all look so good tho
  • Drummerx04
    A bit late to respond, but for at least the last two weeks the pages have been dropping on HM vMoS. I have never tried non-HM so I cannot confirm the drop rate there.
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  • Katahdin
    I got one on normal the other day
    Beta tester November 2013
  • deLioncourt
    I've also gotten a few huntsman motifs from normal.
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